Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a few things that made my heart happy yesterday.

watching this growing young man of mine walking on to the golf course when i dropped him off for practice. I think he looks so cute, and i am so proud of him. Only 8 boys out of the whole school of 3500 made the golf team. way to go jake!
i was so enamored yesterday of this loose curl of hair. i had to take a moment and photograph it before we left for ballet class.

oh my precious lizzie.

Rachel sitting in the car waiting for me to take her to the library. She told me if she ever ditched from school, that's where she would be. yah, i'm not too worried about her.


Tessa Nelson said...

so grown up! I have missed you in blog world... being pregnant and having other babies to take care of much take lots of time:)

kelly said...

i've gotten into some trouble at a library, ha!

good job jake and beautiful as ever, lizzie

Lori said...

You have a very beautiful family!

~lori said...

Your lizzie pictures are gorgeous! An I totally get the library thing - as a grown up, ha ha, I try to hit the bookstore when I get some kid free time. Beautiful family.

Teri said...

heather I love your posts... and you have such great kids!!! let me know about the baby's room....I would love to help!~

GRodenberg said...

as a matter of fact, there were 30 days of math my sophomore year, that i missed while hiding in my favorite place-the library!