Friday, June 12, 2009

someone is excited to get married tomorrow.

This guy is a crack-up, and pretty pumped about his wedding tomorrow.
Doesn't she have gorgeous hair?

I love this tree. The bride and groom were too busy to even notice or care. ha.

This beautiful young lady is the daughter of the Peck's (if you know them). Here is another girl who thinks she looks bad in pictures. Again, I beg to differ.

See you in the morning guys for the big day!!!!


Ms. Kelli said...

Heather...I have no words! You are a miracle worker! I absolutely love the pictures...I seriously got teary-eyed. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

what a darling couple! i love their special looks they're giving each other!!!!! too cute!
ps oh and i love her shoes

LlamaMama said...

I'm the sister of the groom ... great job making my brother look handsome! (jk)

They really are a wonderfully cute couple.