Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lots of updates.

walkers, your photo shoot is up. Just click on "client proofing" on the side bar. Enjoy.

baby update: They were worried because of my age and a measurement on the baby that it had Downs syndrome. After more tests and ultrasounds everything looks perfect. He is growing healthy and strong and kicking me all the time. I am 19 weeks, and yes, I still feel lousy a lot. Such is life.

house update: The house that we bought is slowing being renovated. Slow because of me, and my not feeling well enough to pick out what needs to go in the house. I want to publicly apologize to my general contractor for being the worst customer ever! I am way too tired and grumpy( I should say irritable) to be doing this (and moving, ahhhhh!)

summer update: The kids just play with friends all day. The loft in our house is currently a barbie town, and there isn't a clean towel (or at least dry) in the house from all the kids swimming all day.

Jacob just got back from scout camp exhausted because they woke up at 4:30am every morning and went to bed at 10pm. It didn't help that the whole camp got the flu, including him. Doesn't that sound awful! He swears that they had to walk 3 miles each way for meals, and the black eye that he came home with is from wrestling with a bear (aka a bottle rocket). He is happy to be home, but now leaves tomorrow at 5am for the pioneer trek (more info on that when we get back). I do too in fact. I am going as a photographer.

Rachel is in reading heaven. She would read in bed all day if she could. I would too come to think of it. She came home from the library with literally 30 books in a huge bag. She is getting really good at cleaning, after a lot of training over the last few months. Yes, the training was painful for both of us. Her laundry mistakes have given us lots of pink clothes and shrunken items. I can't complain though, right?

I am still laughing over something Rebecca said to me the other night as I sat editing at the computer. She walks in and says, "I heard that some scientists think we come from monkeys. Me, "uh-huh." To which she replied, "Where'd the monkeys come from, geniuses." She is so funny.

You can now call Dave, Colonel Ives. He made Lt. colonel last month. Yeah Dave! And it looks like we are in Arizona until he retires. After his last heart attack, they said that Europe is out of the question. Which is sad, because we have been trying to be stationed there his whole career. The up side is that he can never be deployed over seas. So I am thankful for that. Notice that I said "I".

Last but not least, I think I will be hanging up the camera (at least professionally) for awhile. What little energy I have each day needs to go to something like making dinner. smile. We'll see how things go after the baby arrives. I'm sure my life will be a lot easier with 6 kids instead of 5. Ha, Ha. I say this all casually, but it actually has been very hard to come to this decision. For many reasons.

Well, that's it for now. No deep thoughts, just the facts. I have time to get maybe four hours of sleep. How does this happen to me? big sigh......


Teri said...

Heather call if you need anything... and I cant believe your going to trek feeling sick... you'll have to make everyone pull you in a wagon or something!!! good luck!!!

nicole boice said...

i loved this post and it made me miss you real bad, and i want to be there cozying with you and rachel in your big yummy bed, with a book apiece.

ali said...

Sorry you are still feeling sick :( That makes me sad. Thanks for the updates, It's nice to hear how you guys are doing. Tell Rachel hi for me--I miss that girl ;)

kelly said...

this was really funny

Mandee said...

I am laughing, laughing, laughing at Rebecca. So funny! And congrats to Dave. Sorry about Europe. The plus side to having your 6th child is that he and you will have 4 little mommies to help!

cbo said...

Congrats to the Colonel! Glad to hear that all is well with the little one, and good luck on the trek. Ailee goes on one in a few weeks.