Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm forty, and feeling fabulous!

Do you know how many times I had to ride this roller coaster to get a decent picture. At least 6, I think. No problem, it is the best roller coaster ride I have ever been on. True story. It is called the T-express. After my first time up at the front of it, it was renamed the PEE-Express in my honor. ha ha. One of the many benefits of being forty I guess. ha.

So, yesterday was my birthday in Korea, but in the U.S.of A. it is today. I think it perfectly legit to celebrate it twice. Don't you think?

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes. I really did have a wonderful day. Dave and my friends were concerned that the day wasn't special enough because I guess I didn't seem over the top excited. I think I was just tired, because the truth is, I feel like everyday is my birthday. Every day is so much fun! It can be quite exhausting to be so busy having fun every day! ha. When I explained this to them- Dave's reply was that we need to work on making the other 364 days worse. ha. What can I say. I love my life. My job is sweet (being a mom etc.), my family is amazing (but very normal, you know what i mean), and I have friends that can't be beat (that means you). And those are all just the icing on the cake to my knowledge that I am a daughter of God with infinite worth and eternal potential. How can I not be blissfully happy every day of my life?

I want to give a special thank you to my dear husband and best friend through this whole life thing. You are my knight in shining armor, and don't you forget it! (in katherine hepburn voice) I appreciate all of your tenderness and understanding as of late. You will be richly rewarded. I least I hope you will feel that way. ha ha. Which translates to.... i will really try to always be on time, and have delicious meals prepared, and work on my punctuation. ha ha.

Back to my birthday. In the morning I went and had a pedicure with friends. More dear friends also arranged a lunch gathering at Chilis on base. Which is decorated so amazingly for Halloween. I want to go there for every meal because of it. OK, also so I don't have to cook and clean up, and make all those delicious meals. ha ha. Then, off to Everland (korea disneyland) for a fun night with our super fun friends the Russells (they are behind us in the car. That pretty much is a no brainer since they are the only other ones not Korean. ha. Michelle Russell turned forty a week ago. I got her pretty good. More on that later. smile. Also, more on EVERland later. It is my favorite feel good place here in Korea. I just keep thinking how much my sister Gloria would love it. So you better come and visit me!!

You know, I have been thinking about my 40th birthday for like 2 years. What would be the best way to celebrate it. Because 40 is monumental right? (by the way, it isn't a big deal for koreans. Apparently, they don't have mid life crisis. Is it just us spoiled self absorbed americans? ha ha) Anyway, my thoughts were like.......What amazing trip do I want to go on? Could I really finally make it to Tahiti? Or, how could I fly in all of my favorite people from over the years. Or, maybe I could go visit all year long each friend, so I could really visit them. Or perhaps something amazing with my sisters involving things like food, spas, movies, shopping, coziness.

But you know what? Like I said above, my life is a combo of all of these things all the time. I am amazingly blessed. More amazing then anything is that I really feel God's hand in my life. I truly feel his love for me. It is something that brings me joy every day.

But that doesn't mean I wasted the opportunity to ask dave for something we normally would never do. smile. As I contemplated a trip. I realized that now just isn't the right time. We just moved here and there is so much going on, and I am still so excited to be here, I don't want to go anywhere else just yet. Soooooooooo. I found the most amazing new resort in Seoul that is way more than we would ever normally spend for a hotel. And since we wouldn't have to pay to fly anwhere else, maybe we could splurge right? I don't even regret it. It was amazing!!! Did I already say that? It bears repeating. I decided that I wanted to go while it was still warm and we could use the outdoor pool there, play tennis etc. So we actually went in September, and celebrated a month earlier. I still think of it often, and longggggg to go back, but I really think I could never pay that much again for a hotel. Anyway, I will share the experience visually with you soon. Then you will long to go there too. smile. I am still working on getting photoshop up and running on my computer (well dave is. smile. part of my birthday present).

So, I am forty. I don't feel a day over 39. I am so excited about getting older. It really doesn't bother me, or make me sad. My experience is that life just keeps getting better and better. And after I read this by Sister Hinkley, I can't wait until 50!

"Fifty was my favorite age. It takes about that long to learn
to quit competing-to be yourself and settle down to living.
It is the age I would like to be through eternity!"



Amber said...

HAPPY Birthday!!! We miss you!! I miss your infectious laugh and sweet smile. I didn't realize how much I absolutely LOVED it and counted on it on sundays/whenever I saw you until it's gone!! UGH! Anyway, sweet birthday wishes, thank you for your positivity in your blog. With the crazy world we live in, I know I can be uplifted when I read your posts. Hugs from AZ!! And Ammon is almost 1!! Brekkyn is almost 2!!! Where'd out babies go?!?


Amie said...

Haaaaaaaaappy birthday!! :)

Tiffani said...

Hope you had a great day, Heather! I'm enjoying reading about all your Korean adventures. Love ya!

GRodenberg said...

I thought about you all day, in both time zones and am so glad you had a fun day!!! 2 pkgs are coming your way!
Love you

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dearest heather. i am glad you had a fun birthday. when are you going to call or send me your address? did you get my phone message????
buon compleanno!!!
ciao ciao!!! xoxox

Dahlene said...

I'm so glad you had a happy two days! Bring on 40! I'm ready now. Jane Fonda and Oprah said just yesterday that 50 is the best because of the very reason Sister Hinkley stated. We only get better with age.

Leslie said...

happy birthday to you my friend! you are the coolest 40 year old i know. i want to come to korea so bad! you make it look so fun!

heather said...

please do les.