Monday, January 11, 2010

deep thoughts by heather ives

Have you ever had something happen in your life that is yucky and it makes you feel so bad you want to just hide away and never put yourself "out there" again? That makes you never want to make yourself vulnerable to be hurt again. That makes you feel like the world isn't as great of a place as you thought it was?

Yeah, I have had a few of those lately.

But here is the lesson to be learned. We can't let the one bad experience cancel out or taint the 100's of amazing experiences that we have in life. I think Satan works hard to discourage us because he knows what a powerful force for good each one of us can be. How many lives we can uplift, and make better every single day.

So, I am going to consciously choose to love even more. To serve others even more. To give of myself even more. So what if I get hurt every so often. That is a fact of life that sometimes we will be misunderstood, treated unkindly, taken advantage of, or misjudged. Focus on all the wonderful good in your life and keep on giving!

Speaking of all that wonderful are some of my favorite recent pictures that remind me of just that.

Ammon on his blessing day.

These two pics are from Rachel's 14th birthday. I can't tell you how much I am loving that we always have a house full of kids. It makes our home a happy place. All of my kids have the most wonderful friends and I love them all. Over the Christmas break there were always at least 5 extra kids that were at the house everyday in and out all day playing. Often we had many spending the night as well. That makes me happy.

I love this picture below. The boys let Rachel smash their faces into her leftover cake.

How could I ever be sad when I have 6 healthy and loving children???? I just really can't. Add on to that, a healthy husband who didn't have a heart attack this year (unlike the past two). Plus, I am feelin' pretty darn good myself these days. smile.

This picture brings me joy for two reasons. One because hello!!! look how cute that quilt and wall hanging are! Which leads me to the second reason. How blessed I am to have sisters that I adore and friends that are as dear to me as any sister could be. The quilt was made by my sister and the wall hanging with Ammon's name is from my dear friend Heidi that I first met in Japan, while our husbands were both stationed there. Moving often can be difficult but because of it I have met so many kindred spirits. Heidi is just one of the many dear women that have influenced my life in a significant way. That have been an example to me, truly cared for me, and made my life better. They are women that I know I could call any time, even if we hadn't talked in years and they would be there for me in a heart beat. I am so blessed!

How could I not be happy when I am surrounded with such beauty and love every day.

Of course, I have to put one more picture of this little man. He just started to really smile and coo all the time. Today as i snuggled and talked with him, I thought my heart would burst for the love and joy that I felt to have this little angel in my life. I couldn't help but cry.

I hope each of you who read this will realize how amazing you are. You have gifts, talents, and experience that no one else has. You have so much to give to make this world a better place. So don't be paralyzed by fear of making mistakes or getting hurt keep you from loving others and letting them love you. So if no one else has told you today. I think you are incredible, amazing, and fabulous. Let's do lunch. smile.


Teri said...

love the one of you and the 2 girls.. so sweet!!! you have an amazing family!

ABlack said...

Great post Heather. You are just gorgeous and have such a gift to always be able to 'put yourself outthere' even if you are feeling a little vulnerable.
I think you are just great and I'm up for lunch anytime! =)

Jessi said...

I was just thinking about you today, wondering when you were going to post again. So glad you decided to come back! I'm a complete stranger, but I feel like I've learned a lot from you. There are nasty people out there. But there are also people like me who love reading your blog and would miss you if you didn't put yourself "out there."

heather said...

Thank you Jessi. Your comment means more than you know.

Christine said...

I'm in tears. You have no idea how much I needed these words today - It's been a dark scary day round here. I'll so totally take you up on lunch any day you have!

Leslie said...

sorry you got hurt. hope you know how much you are loved by me! and so many others. can we just arrange the marriage of ammon & alexus now? it'll be a lot easier than 20+ years from now. then we'll be in laws. i guess one of the girls could marry one of my boys. can't wait to see what you sent alexus! i am a little behind but i've got something in mind for ammon myself! hope all is well!

GRodenberg said...

ok, you know i love the last pic outfit and matching yummy. Ok ok, I guess I can try to put myself back out there. But I've been loving being the cranky boycotting lady lately! Go Kennet!

Jesika said...


Anonymous said...

Heather, being hurt by insensitive people is no fun... I can only suggest if it should happen again, take a moment and just go sit in your beautiful, amazingly gorgeous kitchen and think of the many people who love you and how blessed you really are, beautiful kitchen (did I already say that?)totally adorable children, healthly husband and great looking bangs!

Syndi said...

Thanks Heather, great post...I feel like this often, thanks for reminding me not to let the turkeys get you down and that I am loved :)

Dahlene said...

How sweet! I needed that. I wish we could talk everyday. I miss you Heather. You have such a wonderful family and lovely children.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post. just happen to get here somehow... 5am, after sleepless night... and i found the words that was really ment to me! nice to start a week on this way, thanks again! despite of what has happened, your life has a great purpose. its incredible. i really appreciate how you are using your talents, keep on sharing them ;)

be blessed


Christy said...

Gosh you're gorgeous, Heather! And that little man!? SCRUMPTIOUS! It's amazing to me that someone so talented- so "put together"- would ever have any self doubt. I hope you'll be able to see yourself the way so many of us see you. Beautiful, funny, crazy-gifted in a hundred different ways, compassionate, and filled with the Spirit. (All things I hope to be someday!) Thank you for your words and for sharing such a tender moment with us. <3

ABlack said...

Hey, I meant to tell you that you did a great job on the violin in RS on Sunday. I know you were a little nervous but you did great!

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