Friday, January 29, 2010

cute from head to toe.

Ammon loooovees to play under this, and I love to watch him.

I love how he sucks in his lower lip, and this shirt he is wearing is my favorite.

i think I will make a poster size print of this picture. oh those yummy legs. They are so soft and cozy. I squeeze them all day.

his stinky sweaty baby toes. love em'Then Jacob gets home from school, and i am chopped liver. As soon as Ammon hears and sees Jacob he can't stop smiling and cooing. Look at the total love in his eyes. The feeling is definitely mutual.

oh my two handsome boys.


Teri said...

love the big brother ones... so sweet!!!! of course Ammon is adorable too!!!!

GRodenberg said...

It's like Mr Clean is looking in a mirror of the past! I love how Ammon has Dave's determined look on his face while he's playing with his toy...or rather he's figuring it out :)

Kendra said...

So so so sweet!

By the way, what's with the second comment???

Britt said...

Love it! Love it! So cute! What great pics. of your book ends! And you're right on about stinky sweaty baby toes! I love them anyway despite the smell! Great pics! It is only on babies though where I can let the foul odors go. Big kids and husbands...not so much.

Natalie said...

so sweet. 2nd comment? hmmm...

love those boys!