Thursday, July 9, 2009

i'm proud of my rat pack.

I'm proud of the way the kids have really stepped up to help in my time of need. Rebecca loves to be in charge and be a little mother. I came downstairs one morning and all the kids had already all worked together to clean up the kitchen except for Rachel (because she was still in bed or something) because her job was outlined for her in this note left by Rebecca.
I then went to my office and found this note for me. Rebecca had assessed our food needs and made this list for me. Talk about service!! I can't wait until Jacob can drive and I will wake up to the food already bought and put away. With Rachel gone at camp right now, Rebecca has taken on even more duties. Today she learned to do laundry and did all of it, down to folding. I love that girl.
After they get their jobs done, they all hang out together all day. They haven't wanted to go to friends or leave and do anything, they are content to cozy all day together going from one activity to the next. When Jacob is up and happy, everyone is happy. (I should make a plaque that says that in my house.) He rallies everyone and keeps them all happy and positive. He is the one that leads them from one thing to the next. They play video games, then a board game, then pool time, then a movie, then cozying in bed and reading a good book. He lets them have slumber parties in his room every night too. What a good brother. I love that he loves to be home and hanging with his sisters.
I have a lot to be grateful for. These summer days with all of my baby chickens safe at home cozy and happy will be my favorite memories when they are grown. Oh please don't keep growing! I have a feeling that Heavenly Father knew that it would be too much for me to lose Jacob when he leaves on a mission in 4 years. He needed to make sure I had another little boy who will be four. A four year old boy is all about mom, and rules her heart. Heavenly Father always takes care of me. I like that.


Teri said...

a mission in 4 years!! on my! that seems so soon! he will be an awesome missionary... hey I appreciated his service yesterday! greatly!!!!

Bennions said...

What a great blessing to have Jacob in your family. It is a rare thing in our world to have a teenage son so caring for his siblings. What a blessing.

Sher said...

There are three girls and one boy in my family. He's the youngest and he was always our peacemaker. He still is. Amazing how one boy can calm a bunch of crazy girls. I'm still very close to him to this day.
It must be so delightful to see them all close friends.