Saturday, August 15, 2009

be happy.

I woke up with the happiest thoughts this morning as I snuggled down into my cozy bed. I actually had a good nights sleep and felt rested. I was able to sleep in until the gentle rays of morning light lit up my room. My first thoughts were of my children and how happy they are. What a good week they all had at school and the expressions on their faces as they have shared their experiences of life with me from this first week of school. Learning new things, renewing friendships, new school supplies, new shoes, new teachers, new hope for things to come. All the excitement that a new year of school brings. I decided that there is nothing that brings me more joy than to see my children truly happy. To see their happy faces all lit up with excitement for this life of ours, and all it has to offer them. I see the brightness of the future in their happy lit up faces. In their eyes that show me the beauty and strength of their souls. Moments like these are the moments that as a mother I savor. Because motherhood really isn't about dirty diapers, dishes, and laundry. It's about experiencing joy. This kind of joy. The joy that only comes as you give everything you have to a cause greater than yourself. The progression and happiness of another person that you love and care for beyond anything that you ever imagined possible.

How wonderful that God has shared with us and given us a little glimpse of what He feels. That He has let us experience what it is to truly love as He does. As a parent. It makes it so much easier to understand how He feels about us. About me. How much He loves me. How His greatest joy is seeing me and each of his children progress and learn, and experience joy. I have felt those swelling motions of love in my heart as I look at my children for who they are, and who they can become.

I believe that this life is all about being happy. If you aren't, you aren't living it right (or you are really sick pregnant. ha ha). If God's greatest joy is to see us happy and experience joy, it would make sense to listen to Him. Just like it is for our children to listen to us. Dave and I, even in our selfish and imperfect parenting ways, do all we can to teach and instruct our kids along the path that will lead them to the most happiness. Our Heavenly Father, who is perfect, gives us perfect guidelines for a joy filled life. One filled with constant progression to greater heights and greater joy. Where can you find this manual you ask? I think you know the answer. They are hidden (not really) in what the world likes to call limitations and restraints on their free will. Things that hold them down, are confining. Not so my friends. We can be so prideful and resistant to any sort of discipline, but you would have to be a fool to not acknowledge that greatness of any kind can only be accomplished where there is restraint, discipline, and hard work.

The commandments laid out in the gospel of Jesus Christ are basically just a manual for how to gain the most happiness and joy possible. The kind that our Heavenly Father enjoys. I am so happy that I have known this since I was a small child. That I have always had the manual (the scriptures, and prophetic counsel). I choose to be happy. To basically obey my perfect parent. Do i make mistakes that bring me sadness. of course, I'm a kid. But being a perfect parent, God forgives me, and helps me correct myself when I come to Him for help. I know my greatest responsibility in life is to teach my kids how to find true happiness and joy too. To know the path to take. That it is easy, and not a restriction at all. I hope I am an example for them of how to follow that plan for happiness. To above all love and serve others, to forgive readily, to be humble and teachable, and live in such a way to be worthy of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.

I'll admit something. I am a really good teacher of this plan for happiness. I am a way better teacher than follower of it. Because I know that it is true more than I know anything. I love to share my excitement for the gospel, and I would be on the news every night if I could begging people to just do what is right and they will be happy. Unfortunately, I am just weak in the discipline department sometimes. My kids on the other hand are strong. They have far surpassed me in their ability to do what is right, I think. They are now my examples of the joy that can come as you do what God asks you to. How did that happen? I have to hide my weakness from them. I teach them to read their scriptures every night and pray. They do it diligently, and I sneak off to my room and fall asleep reading a novel. Ha. They follow everything I say, but I don't. I need to work harder on being happy.

So, as you can see. I am feeling more myself. The truth is, i am happier because I am able to help others again. I am so so miserable when I am self absorbed. I have planned meals for a week straight, I was able to help a friend yesterday (in a small way), and I haven't felt all irritable inside. Hallelujah!! I'M BACK!!!!! And I have lots of cool things to share about my summer happenings. fun fun.

ps. you know what made me even happier this morning. After enjoying all my happy thoughts in bed I came down to all of my kids cozy watching a disney movie and Dave making a big breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, toast and juice. My happiness i think is complete now. smile. Happy weekend to you!!!!


GRodenberg said...

thanks for that. i think your good example even includes some good novel reading! love you

Amie said...

what a beautiful picture. =)

Britt said...

Heather! What a lovely post. I couldn't have said it better. How funny that we struggle to practice what we preach. I'm glad I'm not the only one who tells my kids to do some spiritual task when I can't seem to make it two days in a row! Glad you're feeling better!