Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wellman Family

This is my friend Melanie with her hubby Jeff. I love them because they are so much like Dave and I it is scary. This picture says it all! ha ha. Sorry Melli, I had to put that one in, I love it! She is a photographer who also suffers from lackofinpictureitus. In other words she rarely gets photographed and really wanted to capture how crazy her life is right now with 5 very little ones. I think we got it! Enjoy!

couldn't decide between these two.

I couldn't get enough of these two girls and their very blue eyes!
I am sure Dad can't either. smile.
Every Day is an adventure that I am sure leaves these two worn out. I know. I 've been there. Parenting is exhausting, but brings so much happiness! In fact an eternity of it!


Amie said...

Nicely done Heather! They're such a cute family!

Kendra said...

These pictures are so great!
Talk about seeing the emotions comming through! Funny!