Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Day in the life of Jacob

Hey, I'm Jacob, wanna hang out with me today. Let me show you around my world.

Here are the two reasons I am here. My Mom and DAD and they are the greatest!

Here's my little sister. Isn't she cute? I love to play with her. Mom and Dad think she is pretty great too!

Of course, there is also the family dog. We've shared some good times together, the two of us.

I love to play candy land with my family! Want to join us?
We always have a great time!
Look at this cool airplane that I have. I love to fly it around! My sister thinks it is cool too!
The best thing about my day is I get to spend it with my mom. She makes every day really special. I always feel so loved.

So I think I will tell her a secret in her ear. "I love you mommy."You deserve a kiss too. I think I am hungry now mom. Will you let me make my favorite, peanut butter and honey all by myself? Of course she says yes. She is so great that way!

This peanut butter is finger lickin' good! It's time for my Daddy to go to work now. He is a police officer you know. I am so proud of him. He even lets me play with his walkie talkie sometimes.
Well, that is some of my favorite things to do. Thanks for hanging out with me. I am off to ride my bike now. VROOOMmmmmmmm!


Jaime said...

These are great, I love pics @ the house. Jacob is soo cute, and Viv is a precious little doll! Great job Heather!

Amie said...

way cute! how gorgeous is Kendra ??

Kendra said...

Heather, We love our pictures! You did such a great job. THANK YOU! I love the little story. CUTE!!!

AnnMarie said...

I just cannot get enough of your pictures! I love visiting this site and seeing gorgeous pictures of all my friends. Makes me miss Arizona, but in a good way.