Thursday, June 14, 2012

We're so korean. smile.

When my sister and I lived in Japan she had their family picture taken in japanese traditional clothing.  They were so beautiful, and I wanted to do the same thing but never got around to it.  So I was bound and determined to make it happen when we were here in korea. To have a family picture in hambuk, the traditional korean clothing.  I have talked about it the whole two years we have been here.  Here we are down to the last month and no picture.  So I enlisted my friend Jihyun to help me make it happen.  She has helped me make a lot of things happen in the past two years.  I told her last night that she is going to realize when I leave what a burden my friendship was.  She will be so carefree without my constant pleas for help.  I will really miss her.  But lets not talk about that. It is too sad.

So here is a small sampling.  I bought the disc of all the images from the photographer and edited these myself.  I also took pictures myself while we were there.  We had these taken at the Korean folk village in Suwon.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  I wanted to take both my sister and the Hardings when they came to visit, but there wasn't time.  So here is a little peak.  Yes, Korea is beautiful my friends.  Talk to Nicole and the Hardings, they will tell you how amazing it is and how glad that they came.  I have so many pictures to post from both of their trips here.  I am seriously backlogged.  Time for another blog cleanse! smile.

So grandparents and family, you will finally get a family picture from us!!  It's a miracle.
                                                         I'll bring them this summer!  Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these!!!! I love the colors! You all look so beautiful and handsome! These are fantastic! Did you borrow these outfits or buy them? I would wear your dress! How far is this place from your home? I guess you'll be getting ready to pack up for italy soon? we need to catch up! ciao bella! xoxo

Amie said...

You guys look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! So glad you found the time to have these taken, you will love them forever! :)

kathee said...


Arie Winky Irawan,SH said...

hello hetherives^_^..
I really liked your blogger,and always see your blogger.
do you remember me?I've commented on your blogger in Bali, Indonesia.

and sorry if my English is less fluent

Bennions said...

I love your family pictures. You have a beautiful familly.