Thursday, December 9, 2010


When I saw the cover of this issue, I was very upset (and I turned it over as I do all magazine covers that upset me). Maybe, I should read the article first, but I am pretty sure the answer won't be what it should be, which is......EVERYONE NEEDS MARRIAGE!

Yes, marriage is hard. I know, I am married. But God made marriage for a reason. I wasn't married long before I realized that all I needed to do in this life to become more like Jesus Christ is to be a wife and a mother. Nothing will humble,challenge, and push you harder to improve yourself and draw closer to God then these two roles. And that is truer than any statement I am sure was written in that article.

At church last Sunday, the branch president said that being married is like having a mirror that looks back at you and shows you as you really are. With all of your weaknesses and flaws (he said it in a funny nice way). It is a humbling experience. Would you agree? That's what makes marriage at times uncomfortable (more like painful). If we are by ourselves, we can do whatever we want without judgement. Isn't it great! If we ever want to know something that we need to work on we don't even need to go to Heavenly Father in prayer, we can just go to our spouse. ha ha. When you start to see it in that way, that it is a built in humility safety net, it doesn't seem so bad to have a critical spouse. Not that i do, I mean i meant that in the most positive of ways. ha ha.

excuse me i need to interrupt this post to tell you that rebecca mary just came in at almost 10pm to show me that she had just made an angel out of noodles. Great. You are getting 1 F, a D, etc. you missed the bus this morning because you didn't have a paper typed this morning and you are up making noodle angels? AHHHH. (in rebecca's defense she has since brought up those grades from her progress report, but still, how do you ever get an F in band?

See what I mean. Do you know how patient I am now after 17 years of this child rearing, wife thing.

OK, so the point i want to make is this.......The more we are like our Heavenly Father, the happier we will be. Not the easier our life will be. But it will definitely be more rewarding in every way. I am thankful for marriage. It has pushed me to learn and grow more than i thought possible. I am thankful for a husband who most definitely knows my weaknesses but loves me despite them and chooses to stay faithful and committed to our relationship because it is the most valuable thing that we have. The most enduring thing that we have.

Marriage is a sacred institution given to us by God.
Don't underestimate it's worth.

That's what the cover of TIME should read.


Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! And I love ya sista!!

Oh and tell Rebecca Mary that I love her too... and it's a good thing she is so cute huh? Lol

Bennions said...

I am glad I am not the only mad mother to flip magazine covers. Love your passion. Your awesome. Tif

Dahlene said...

I think you need to rewrite that Time magazine article Heather! You said it perfectly!

GRodenberg said...

good one. Now send in your comments to Time Magazine!

Anonymous said...

i think you should be a spokesperson for the church. thanks for bringing tears to my eyes when you said that your marriage is the most valuable/enduring thing that you and your spouse have. it's easy to forget. i always flip cosmopolitins.

and i have written them too. you da best.
ciao ciao!!!

Leslie said...


Britt said...

Hear! Hear! Great post. Glad you guys are doing so well. Heated tile doesn't sound so bad, just hard (on the feet that is).