Friday, April 25, 2008

Remember this.

Gwen is one of Dave's fellow radiologists at work. She is a single mom and is being deployed to Iraq for 4 months. She wanted to get some pictures of her and her daughter hanging out together before she leaves. So many of them melt my heart. I can't even imagine having to leave my children for that long. What a debt of gratitude we owe to the many families that sacrifice to protect our freedom. One of the most moving memorials to me in Washington D.C. is the Korean war memorial. Inscribed on the wall is "Freedom isn't Free." I hope these pictures bring a smile to their faces and a feeling of love for both mom and daughter during the months of separation.

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Anonymous said...

how did i miss these? just saw them for the first time tonight. they are GREAT!!! what a beautiful mom and daughter. i love all of these! well done thou good and faithful photographer! (is that blasphamous(sp)???--if so i won't do it again!) --ndn