Friday, February 22, 2008

Barker's beauties

That title will make no sense to you unless you watched The Price is Right with Bob Barker. Momma and baby Barker took pictures to surprise Daddy Barker for his birthday. They are so sweet. I am really having a hard time editing right now because I love so many different looks. So many different color tints and styles. I added texture to some of these for a more vintage look. If you are wanting a certain style just let me know when we book your photo shoot. Hope you enjoy these! this one above has an antique tone and vintage colors and texture added.


Amie said...

Is that Kristin?? If so, she looks fabulous! (Well, even if not, she looks fabulous still!) what great photos!

Natalie said...

So cute heather! Good job again! Kristen is going to LOVE them.