Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pope Family

I love this picture. It says a thousand words about this little boy and his mama. The whole time he was not happy unless he had his Mom's attention and was pulling her around to explore. He especially didn't like Dad taking mom from him. So funny. His expression when he couldn't get mom away from Dad's arms. Poor lil' guy!

I love how Mom looked at her children. Her face just glowed with love for them as she watched them.

This little lady had alot of energy and was so much fun! could she be any cuter?

It's easy to see why the kids are so cute!
There he is again pulling for mom to come. I love his little brown shoes and puppy paws shirt.

I absolutely love this picture down below. It is one of my very favorites. I love cute little girl long socks and shoes. Scrumptious!


Christine said...

Very nice. They look like such a happy family :-)

Amie said...

what an adorable family! Another good one Heather!