Friday, June 15, 2007


Mom loves this picture. She said this is what they do all day, listen to Lennon's dramatic portrayals of her life experiences.

Had to put one in with the blanket made by grandma. Isn't it awesome?!

Mom assures me that Lennon has not been dethroned by her new baby brother Crue. Although her face here speaks of her concern in the matter.

Always some comic relief from this guy!

I love newborn photo shoots. What a wonderful gift these new little ones are. Thank you for letting me share in your joy, and hold little Crue to my hearts content.


tara said...

LOVE these shots!!!!
you are getting better and better with each shoot that you do!!! LOVE THEM!!!! those names are so cool too, what are the rest of the children's names?!
i would love to hire you , too bad you don't live near chicago!!!

Rodrigo said...

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Heather said...

The lighting is amazing! I love your composition. Beautiful photos.