Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Soulier Family

Meet mom and dad
Soulier. Parents of a happy family.

dad loves son..

son loves dad..

dad loves daughter

daughter loves dad (as only daughters

mom loves daughter..

baby loves mom...

mom loves baby..

Dad definitely loves mom..

that makes for very happy kids!!!

which leads to happy parents!

all good endings should be followed by a nap. happy dreams!


Anonymous said...

you have done it again!!! LOVED the latest family photo shoot! do you always get good looking clients or does your camera do the trick??? :) if so, sign me up!!! the last picture of their darling baby sleeping is so precious! i could just eat him up--adorable!!!! ciao!

Christine said...

From one photogog to another your eye is amazing. You can see your love for the beauty of a family in your work. I hope we are blessed with a little one soon so you can capture our family!